In regard to the development of the international market, according to the actual needs of customers to provide diversified services. And according to the characteristics of customer's products, and strive to develop international market, do a good job in international sales.
Liaoning longyuan industrial co., LTD. Is an automatic production line system supplier. The company mainly focuses on the paper making, paper industry and related fields, providing system solutions, technical equipment and turnkey engineering (EPC). Company in the production of automatic logistics system all products: transportation packaging equipment and the function of lifting heavy equipment, as well as the weighing system, printing system, automatic barcode equipment system, automated mechanical arm, etc. The company is committed to become the world first-class delivery and packaging solution expert system, with high technology, high quality and efficient services for paper-making enterprises at home and abroad to build first-class production line, would like to cooperate with friends from all walks of life hand in hand, common hard for industrial efficiency and industrial energy saving.